About Linda Hall
I have been playing tenor and bass drum for over thirty years. (Scroll down to view several video selections.) From 1986 through 2016, I spent thirty years competing with the Grade 3 Ulster Scottish Pipe Band from the Philadelphia area, where I played bass and tenor, as well as instructed. During the 2017 competition season, I played tenor drum with the Grade 2 Stuart Highlanders from the Boston area. I am an EUSPBA certified tenor and bass drumming judge, as well as a pipe band ensemble judge. I have served the pipe band community in many capacities over the years, including EUSPBA MidAtlantic Branch secretary, DelCo Scottish Games Association secretary, DelCo Workshop administrator, EUSPBA Recording Secretary, EUSPBA Sanctioner, and currently EUSPBA Music Board Secretary and competition results recorder. In addition to judging, I spend much of my time teaching bands and individual students, and writing midsection scores for bands. I am a hairstylist by trade, but have been a homemaker for many years. I am married to Dave Hall, EUSPBA piping and ensemble judge, former Pipe Major of Ulster Scottish Pipe Band, and owner and craftsman of Hall Bagpipe Company.  We have two adult sons.

I am an experienced workshop instructor, having taught both tenor drumming and bass drumming at numerous workshops including the DelCo Workshop, the Pocono Workshop and the National Piping Center Workshop in Winchester, Virginia.  I am available for tenor drumming or bass drumming workshop instruction.
I teach individual bass drumming and tenor drumming lessons in my home. I also travel to bands’ practices to work with their midsections. In addition, I provide lessons via Skype. I have worked with many midsections, including:
Brian Boru Pipe Band, MassachusettsLinda Teaching
Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band, Pennsylvania
Ceol Neamh Pipe Band, Pennsylvania
Clan Lindsay Pipe Band, North Carolina
Clan MacPherson Pipes & Drums, Massachusetts
First Highland Watch, Pennsylvania
Garrett Highlands Pipes and Drums, Maryland
Guilford and Glencoe District Juvenile Pipe Band, Maryland
Highland Light Scottish Pipe Band, Massachusetts
Irish Thunder Pipes & Drums, Pennsylvania
New Castle Highlanders, Delaware
Newport AOH Pipe Band, Rhode Island
Oran Mor Pipe Band, New York
Philadelphia Emerald Society Pipe Band, Pennsylvania
Pocono Region Pipes and Drums, Pennsylvania
Presbyterian Christian School Pipe Band, Mississippi
Rhode Island Highlanders Pipe Band, Rhode Island
Scotia Glenville Pipe Band, New York
Saint Ann’s of Hampton Pipes and Drums, New Jersey
Superior Pipes & Drums, Michigan
Thomas I Hall Memorial Pipe Band, Pennsylvania
Washington Memorial Pipe Band, Pennsylvania
Please email me for fee information and availability.

I write midsection scores for bands as well as tenor and bass drumming scores for individual competitors. Please email me for fee information.

JudgingLinda Judging
I am an EUSPBA certified tenor and bass drumming judge and ensemble judge. I am available for judging individual tenor and bass drumming competitions as well as ensemble in pipe band competitions. Please email me for availability.


Video tribute to EUSPBA tenor & bass judge Bob Meade who passed away August 25, 2020 due to Covid 19
August 2020

Solo tenor drum MSR contest at New Hampshire Highland Games (Loon Mountain) September 2018

Linda on tenor drum with Stuart Highlanders at Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival July 2017

Solo bass drum MSR contest at Winter Storm in Kansas City January 2013

Linda on bass drum with Ulster Scottish Pipe Band at Bethlehem Celtic Classic September 2014

Solo bass drum hornpipe & jig contest at Winter Storm in Kansas City January 2013

Fairhill 1991 first 1st place pro tenor
First 1st place trophy in open (professional) tenor – Colonial Highland Gathering, Fairhill, Maryland 1991