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As a regular contributor to the EUSPBA Voice magazine for several years, I have written numerous articles on tenor and bass drumming topics.  Click a topic below to view a PDF of the Voice article.  I have also included several articles written by fellow tenor & bass drumming judge Brian Morgan.





Voice Article 1 Fall 2010 – Strings
Tying the strings onto the sticks, lacing the strings onto your hands, string length

Voice Article 2 Winter 2010 – Flourishing Basics
Technique for forward spin, reverse spin, forward figure 8, reverse figure 8, catching

Voice Article 3 Spring 2011 – Competing
What to do prior to competing, what to do on competition day, handling nerves

Voice Article 4 Summer 2011 – Piano
Technique for traditional piano, regimental 4-beat piano, regimental 3-beat piano
(Note print error: caption for photos on third page should state “regimental four-beat piano”)

Voice Article 5 Fall 2011 – Drum Maintenance
Disassembling and cleaning a drum, dampening (muffling) a drum

Voice Article 6 Winter 2011 – Midsection Scoring
Composing a midsection score starting with the snare score, choosing notes to highlight, splitting the parts, adding flourishes

Voice Article 7 Summer 2012 – Bass Drum Basics
Drum set-up and tuning, sticks, grip, dynamics, roll-off, cut-off

Voice Article 8 Fall 2012 – Midsection Tuning
Drum set-up, bass tuning, tenor tones

Voice Article 9 Winter 2012 – Top 10 Tips to Improve Midsection
Ideas for improving unison, both visually and musically

Voice Article 10 Spring 2013 – Massed Band Tenor Scores
Analysis and explanation of the massed band 4/4 march and 3/4 march scores

Voice Article 11 Summer 2013 – Bass Drum Basics Part 2
Discussion of rhythm patterns for 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8 marches

Voice Article 12 Fall 2013 – Bass Drum Basics Part 3
Discussion of rhythm patterns for strathspey, reel and jig
(Note print error: title of this article should read “Bass Drum Basics – Part 3”

Voice Article 13 Winter 2013 – Composing a Solo Score
Adapting band scores to be appropriate for solo competition

Voice Article 14 Spring 2014 – History of Tenor Drumming
The vast evolution of tenor drumming since 1986

Voice Article (Brian Morgan) Summer 2014 – Advanced Bass Techniques
By Brian Morgan: Techniques to enhance your bass playing

Voice Article (Brian Morgan) Fall 2014 – Touch
By Brian Morgan: Grip on sticks, technique for striking drum, dynamics

Voice Article (Brian Morgan) Winter 2014 – What’s that Judge Judging
By Brian Morgan: Elements of band and solo competition performances that are evaluated by judges